The Curriculum for Excellence

Our curriculum aims to ensure that all of our young develop the attributes, knowledge and skills they will need to flourish in life, learning and work.  The knowledge, skills and attributes learners will develop, will allow them to demonstrate four key capacities – to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

curriculum for excellence


All of our Young people in Hawick High begin at the third curriculum level and progress towards National 4 qualifications in what is called the BGE (Broad General Education)Stage. At the end of 3rd year before going into 4th Year, our young people choose which subjects they wish to Study in the Senior phase and progress to National 5 and beyond in years five and six to Highers and Advanced Highers.  Alongside the senior phase, our young people also study towards wider achievement awards such as John Muir, Duke of Edinburgh and Youth achievement awards.

The following documents and guides give a good view of what each stage looks like and what our young people can expect.

The rest of the National 4 and 5’s are all listed at this link.

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